Getting Your Car Ready for Emergencies

Reasons Why The Car’s Heater Isn’T Working

Heaters work by hot coolant circulating around the engine to blow it into the car. When working properly, Autobytel says that the heaters should blow air between 75F and 100F. Sometimes, the heater doesn’t work just right and here are the most common reasons for that. The Thermostat Isn’t Working Thermostats operate the thermal valve. […]

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3 Tips to Ensure Your Vehicle Inspection Goes Smoothly

Having your car inspected is important. Many states require that your car pass an annual vehicle inspection in order for you to register the vehicle and maintain up-to-date tags and registration. Plus, taking the time to have your car checked out is important for the safety of you and your passengers and others on the […]

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Four Common – But Avoidable – Reasons People Find Themselves In Need Of Emergency Vehicle Services

There is little you can do to avoid the occasional flat tire or unexpected mechanical problem with your car, but many people engage in risky behaviors that drastically increase their odds of needing emergency towing services (such as is offered by By avoiding these and other risky behaviors, you can often keep your car […]

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