Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies
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Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies

After I started traveling a lot for work, I realized that I needed to be ready for anything life threw at me. I didn't want to get stranded on the road without any supplies to my name. I started collecting little things that might help during an emergency, and it was amazing to see how much of a difference it made. When I was stranded a few months later, I was prepared while I waited for the tow truck. This blog is all about preparing for towing services and getting your car ready for emergencies. After all, you never know when you will be faced with trouble.


Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies

How To Stay Warm In Your Broken-Down Car During The Winter

Eetu Ketola

Although a vehicle breakdown never comes at a good time, it's even more of a concern if your vehicle stops working in the cold weather of winter. It's beneficial to call a tow truck right away so that you don't have to sit in the cold any longer than necessary, but the reality is that if you're in an isolated area, you'll have to get creative to stay warm while you wait. While it's always ideal to see if you can wait at a nearby gas station or store, you might find yourself with no such locations near you. As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of the tow truck driver, here are some tips for staying warm.

Layer Up With Anything That You Can Find

Now is the time to be thankful if your vehicle is messy -- start by quickly searching through the inside of the vehicle and the trunk to find any clothing that you can layer up with. An old pair of gym socks, a hooded sweatshirt that you meant to take to your local thrift shop and any other apparel that you can find is suitable for adding to what you're currently wearing to help contain your body heat.

Check What's In Your Emergency Kit

If you're the type of driver who wishes to always be prepared, the contents of your emergency kit can really help you when you're fighting to stay warm. Many such kits contain a blanket -- unroll it and wrap it around your body to provide comfort. If you have a reflective blanket, ensure that the shiny side is facing you to reflect your heat. Candles are another common addition to safety kits -- light one and keep it close to your body. Ideally, you'll also have some hand warmers in the kit. You can activate them and place them in your pockets to warm your core.

Sit In The Right Position And Huddle With Your Passengers

Moving into a curled-up position is ideal for retaining your body heat; if you can't achieve this position because of the steering wheel being in the way, move into the backseat. If you have a passenger traveling with you, huddle together for warmth. It might seem awkward if you're not particularly close with the person, but draping your bodies in your blanket and sitting as closely as possible allows you to share your heat and stay warm until the auto towing truck arrives.