Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies
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Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies

After I started traveling a lot for work, I realized that I needed to be ready for anything life threw at me. I didn't want to get stranded on the road without any supplies to my name. I started collecting little things that might help during an emergency, and it was amazing to see how much of a difference it made. When I was stranded a few months later, I was prepared while I waited for the tow truck. This blog is all about preparing for towing services and getting your car ready for emergencies. After all, you never know when you will be faced with trouble.


Getting Your Car Ready For Emergencies

Essential Items To Keep In Your Vehicle Safety Kit To Use While Waiting For A Tow

Eetu Ketola

No motorist ever wants to experience a vehicle breakdown that requires a tow, but it's important to always be prepared for the chance that this event occurs. Being able to safely pull to the side of the road, turn on your four-way flashers and call a local towing service are all important initial steps to take, but having the right equipment in your vehicle's emergency safety kit can also help you stay safe as you wait for the tow truck to arrive. Here are some essential items to include in this kit.


It might seem overly simplistic, but some motorists forget to include a flashlight in their safety kits -- possibly because they assume that they'll be able to use their vehicle's internal lights in the event of a breakdown. While this is often the case, the reality is that some breakdowns, such as a dead battery or a dead alternator, will completely leave you without power. If the issue occurs at night, you might feel vulnerable in the dark, but a flashlight can increase your comfort. It's often ideal to opt for a crank-style flashlight so you won't have to worry if the batteries are dead.

Road Flares

In the event of a nighttime breakdown, you want to make your vehicle as visible as possible -- especially if it's parked on a busy street. Even if your four-way flashers are working, it can be beneficial to use a few road flares placed behind your vehicle to warn other drivers of the issue ahead. They can also help alert the tow truck driver to your location. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of handling flares, a fluorescent traffic cone is ideal to carry. Opt for a folding cone so that it can easily fit inside your safety kit without taking up excessive space.


If your vehicle breaks down in the winter and won't run, it won't be long until you're uncomfortably cold. If the breakdown has occurred in a remote area, you'll simply have to wait until the tow truck arrives. You can retain some degree of comfort by making sure that you emergency safety kit has a blanket. While a standard blanket can provide some degree of warmth, it's often ideal to opt for a reflective blanket. These blankets have a metallic surface that actually reflects your heat back at you and can help to keep your significantly warmer than a standard blanket.

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